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Minecraft PC


Inspired by Stampylongnose, Iballisticsquid and their fellow Minecraft players, I played my first ever successful game of Minecraft (creative) on PC. I wanted to create my own Minecraft Hunger Games map but bumped into two problems straight away, I didn’t know how to fly and there were too many Slime’s! I decided to check the instructions sheet I was given and managed to sort out the flying problem. My little sister told me to kill the Slime’s and I ended up building the spawn and trying to keep out the  really annoying Slime’s.

I didn’t manage to build the actual starting mechanism, but I found an awesome village and it weird because I couldn’t see any tiny or huge villagers, just a whole load of houses! The funniest thing’s were the Slime’s because if you were inside a house and the Slime was on the roof, you get these little green raindrops falling onto your head!

I love watching people playing Minecraft more than actually playing it myself because it isn’t actually me getting killed or me finding diamonds, but at least I could cheer whoever was playing on! Stampylongnose is my favourite Minecraft player and YouTuber, because he’s funny.


Minecraft cake


Today me and my sister made a minecraft cake. It was a sponge cake with my favourite minecraft players:

  • Stampylongnose
  • Iballisticsquid

It was the spawn place of one minecraft hunger games map. I’ll leave the picture down below:.

Minecraft Cake

Art competition


Today, I found out that I had won an art competition that I did at the place where my mother works. It was a family open day and there was a drawing competition, children were requested to draw their favourite place they visited that evening. I drew an open-plan office. My sister drew a telepresence meeting room. I am the winner of the age 9-12 category. The prize is a £20 John Lewis voucher!



At school, in science, we made stargazers. they were basically tubes that if you held up to the sun, you could see a constellation. to make one just follow the steps bellow:

You will need:

  • a toilet roll or kitchen roll
  • black paper (or any colour except white)
  • a sharp thing (a needle or pin)
  • a constellation
  • glue and scissors (if no glue, a rubber band)
  1. you cut out a circle from your coloured paper
  2. prick your chosen constellation onto the paper in the very middle
  3. stick your paper onto the toilet roll or kitchen roll, keeping the constellation in the middle hole part
  4. trim off the edge of the circle that is left
  5. If you do not have glue, just use a rubber band to secure in place the paper and DO NOT trim off the edge