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Greek Mythology


In school we are learning about the Ancient Greeks. I have already read some Percy Jackson books and they are awesome! Some of my favourite myths are:

  • Perseus and Medusa
  • Dionysus and the pirates
  • The four seasons
  • Theseus and the Minotaur
  • and Pandora’s box

We have just began this topic and it is really exciting so far. I can even write some Greek. Read the rest of this entry


New Year!


Hi guys! Today is New Year and this is my first post for 2015! I just want to say how well my first year of blogging has gone and to thank you for reading my posts. It has been a fantastic year for me and hopefully for you as well! I also hope this year will be as great and fun filled as the last one was!!!

I might make a special film using movie maker if I get up to 15 comments or likes for this post so get commenting!