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Big Painting Challenge


The BBC have a new series called the ‘Big Painting Challenge‘. Like the ‘Great British Sewing Bee‘, they invite 10 amateur artists to compete in a 6 week challenge with one person leaving each week. They also have a ‘little painting challenge‘ with the prize of £250 worth of art supplies! These are the pictures I have done so far:

The categories are:

  • Children Age 7 to 15
  • 16+ Beginner
  • 16+ Experienced

Below I will post the first episode from the ‘Big Painting Challenge’:


WeChat red envelopes and steamed pork buns


It was Chinese new year a couple of days ago so on WeChat they let you send red envelopes with money in. It was fun and you got to chat with friends. I talked with a couple of my mum’s old friends and learnt to type in Chinese. Later that afternoon we made Steamed Pork Buns and they tasted great. I’ll post some pictures of everything I did down below:

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St Paul’s Girls’ paper


At the moment I am preparing for the entrance examinations for secondary school and today I did a sample paper from St Paul’s Girls’ School that I really enjoyed doing. My favourite questions were questions 9&10. The paper is in three sections: A, B and C. A has 20 questions, B has 10 and C has 5. It was a little hard but I got around 89%. I hope you’ll have a go!



Sports camp


This week is UK half term, so we don’t go to school. At  a sports park, they have a holiday sports camp called Go Kids (also one called Go Play for younger children aged 3-5). They have different colour groups for different age groups. Yellows 4-5yrs, Reds 6-7yrs, Greens 8-9yrs, Blues 10yrs+. My sister and I went and it was really fun. Today we did Tag Rugby, Basketball, Dodgeball and Fencing. Each day we will do something different and on the last day we will have a sports party.

A good story


At the National Gallery Museum, they hold art workshops (related to a painting) every Sunday. I went to one and we were making an accordion book. I wrote mine about a peacock, my sister’s was about a man from Pluto who was sent to assassinate three people. Here is mine:

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