Monthly Archives: March 2015

La Bayadere


I do ballet classes every week and this year we did a show. I was a Magpie and a soloist in La Bayadere. Since there were enough people for 3 pairs, we each did 2 (or 1) of the 5 shows for the solo. I performed on Thursday evening and Saturday afternoon. The part we did was the jug dance and I’ll post the dance we did and the whole show of La Bayadere (not the one we performed in, but the one the professionals did). This point (1:24:12 – 1:27) is my bit of the dance (as one of the two little girls).


Sutton Mock Test


Sutton mock test is a test they do so you can have a feel of the actual exam pressure. They give you papers to do and then a couple of weeks later they give you the results. Last year I came 63 (not counting the absent people) out of 1500 candidates. This year, how likely do you think it will be for me to come in the top 20?