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Minecraft PC

Inspired by Stampylongnose, Iballisticsquid and their fellow Minecraft players, I played my first ever successful game of Minecraft (creative) on PC. I wanted to create my own Minecraft Hunger Games map but bumped into two¬†problems straight away, I didn’t know how to fly and there were too many Slime’s! I decided to check the instructions sheet I was given and managed to sort out the flying problem. My little sister told me to kill the Slime’s and I ended up building the spawn and trying to keep out the ¬†really annoying Slime’s.

I didn’t manage to build the actual starting mechanism, but I found an awesome village and it weird because I couldn’t see any tiny or huge villagers, just a whole load of houses! The funniest thing’s were the Slime’s because if you were inside a house and the Slime was on the roof, you get these little green raindrops falling onto your head!

I love watching people playing Minecraft more than actually playing it myself because it isn’t actually me getting killed or me finding diamonds, but at least I could cheer whoever was playing on! Stampylongnose is my favourite Minecraft player and YouTuber, because he’s funny.