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Holiday Pictures (South France)


I drew these when I was in Portiragnes Plage (France).




You know how sometimes you’re on a flight and there’s that one person who brings too much luggage? And then they’re fined or not allowed on the flight. But when the plane is VERY late, the plane company makes up excuses why they can’t give you a compensation, be it that the plane isn’t 2 HOURS late or that you can’t claim the compensation for some stupid reason. WE ARE BLAMED FOR OUR MISTAKES BUT THEY ARE NOT BLAMED FOR THEIRS!!!!!!!

Costa Brava


During the Easter school holiday, my family and I are having a two-week holiday in Costa Brava, Spain. We have walked along the GR92 route (also called Cami de Ronda or Costa Brava Way) many times and I have drawn pictures for the beaches and seafood. I recommend the ice cream/yogurt shop ‘llagurt’ for those with kids as it is a yogurt shop which lets you choose unlimited toppings.


Stick figures


I am on holiday in Spain at this moment and many people here have inspired me to draw stick figures. Not your average stick figure though.