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Book Folding

Today I decided to have a go at book folding. This involves folding pages of a book to create a picture or a word. I decided to do the letter M on an old book. This was my first go but I guarantee that the others will be better.

book folding

This was a fun project and I will leave some templates down below.

P.S. I will sell some of these as finished and folded books. If you want one and live in the UK, send me your email in the comments below, your favourite template and I’ll contact you about it. It may take some time.

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The Statue of Perseus

Today I travelled to London to attend an art workshop at the National Gallery. After observing the painting “Perseus turning Phineas and his Followers to Stone”, we used wire and modroc to make a statue of Perseus – a Greek hero. This is my statue:

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3D Card Making

I like doing art so I borrowed a card making book from my local library. I made a castle pop up:

Paper Craft Castle 1

The book teaches you the basics and gives you basic, intermediate and combined projects. The basic ones are like these:

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If you want to make pop up cards like these, use this book:

Book_Making Pop-ups & Novelty Cards

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Party Skates

I had my party and it was brilliant! I decorated my own cake and look:

It was a skate party and we had loads of fun racing each other around the rink. I gave 10 mini skates and 1 big one away by lottery and my friends loved them. You can have a go at making one yourself. If you do, leave a picture in the comments below.

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At school, in science, we made stargazers. they were basically tubes that if you held up to the sun, you could see a constellation. to make one just follow the steps bellow:

You will need:

  • a toilet roll or kitchen roll
  • black paper (or any colour except white)
  • a sharp thing (a needle or pin)
  • a constellation
  • glue and scissors (if no glue, a rubber band)
  1. you cut out a circle from your coloured paper
  2. prick your chosen constellation onto the paper in the very middle
  3. stick your paper onto the toilet roll or kitchen roll, keeping the constellation in the middle hole part
  4. trim off the edge of the circle that is left
  5. If you do not have glue, just use a rubber band to secure in place the paper and DO NOT trim off the edge