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Jazza Studios

Jazza is a great artist and animator who holds a competition each month known as the challenge of the month. This month, the challenge is to draw a picture which clearly shows an epic Santa:

the prizes are as below:

Open Category 1st PRIZE:
– A Wacom Cintiq 13 HD
– An item of your choice from the Shop
– A front page feature on

Open Category Runner-Up:
– A Medium Wacom Intuos Pro tablet
– An item of your choice from the Shop
– A front page feature on

All Open Category finalists will receive an item of their choosing from the Jazzastudios Shop

Beginner Category 1st PRIZE:
– A Wacom Intuos Draw tablet
– An item of your choice from the Shop

Beginner Category Runner-Up:
– A copy of the art book ’21 Draw’
– A Stillman & Birn Epsilon 9×12 Sketchbook
– Signed Sketch from Jazza in the Sketchbook
– An item of your choice from the Shop

All Beginner Category finalists will receive a copy of “Draw with Jazza: Fun with Faces” from the Jazza studios Shop

I’ve entered the challenge in the beginner category:

epic santa



I really want to come second! ( because of the sketchbook! )

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Image result for eurovision

Eurovision is an annual song contest and this year, Sweden won! I am really happy about that because I have a connection with Sweden and the song was fantastic! Go Sweden! Last year, Conchita from Austria won and they held a really good Euro vision this year. Check the Swedish entry out down below.

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Art competition

Today, I found out that I had won an art competition that I did at the place where my mother works. It was a family open day and there was a drawing competition, children were requested to draw their favourite place they visited that evening. I drew an open-plan office. My sister drew a telepresence meeting room. I am the winner of the age 9-12 category. The prize is a £20 John Lewis voucher!