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A Holiday in Italy: Part 2 – Naples

When we went to Naples, we ate at the world’s best pizza shop and visited Pompeii. I bought a palm dragonfly. To get to Naples we traveled on one of the fastest trains in the world: the red arrow (Frecciarossa).

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A Holiday in Italy: Part 1 – Rome

This Easter holiday we went to Italy. First we went to Rome and stayed at Quo Vadis Roma 2. We were right next to the Vatican wall. We arrived at 09:55 pm local time and were extremely tired. In next week we visited the Vatican Museum and we saw many interesting artifacts including painted maps, Egyptian mummy’s and Greek architecture. We also visited St. Peter’s square (St. Pietro), the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, Piazza Venezia and Piazza Novana.

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Sports camp

This week is UK half term, so we don’t go to school. At  a sports park, they have a holiday sports camp called Go Kids (also one called Go Play for younger children aged 3-5). They have different colour groups for different age groups. Yellows 4-5yrs, Reds 6-7yrs, Greens 8-9yrs, Blues 10yrs+. My sister and I went and it was really fun. Today we did Tag Rugby, Basketball, Dodgeball and Fencing. Each day we will do something different and on the last day we will have a sports party.

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New Year!

Hi guys! Today is New Year and this is my first post for 2015! I just want to say how well my first year of blogging has gone and to thank you for reading my posts. It has been a fantastic year for me and hopefully for you as well! I also hope this year will be as great and fun filled as the last one was!!!

I might make a special film using movie maker if I get up to 15 comments or likes for this post so get commenting!