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A Trip to Lake Garda

For the Easter holidays, I went to Lake Garda in Italy. We saw really cute ducklings and we also went to Venice on the red arrow train.

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It was boiling in Italy. It was even hot enough for a double scoop ice cream every day. Overall, It was an enjoyable stay. I will recommend our campsite Bella Italia to everyone.

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A Holiday in Italy: Part 1 – Rome

This Easter holiday we went to Italy. First we went to Rome and stayed at Quo Vadis Roma 2. We were right next to the Vatican wall. We arrived at 09:55 pm local time and were extremely tired. In next week we visited the Vatican Museum and we saw many interesting artifacts including painted maps, Egyptian mummy’s and Greek architecture. We also visited St. Peter’s square (St. Pietro), the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, Piazza Venezia and Piazza Novana.

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