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Our Year 2014 (Family album)

It is our family tradition to make a little video of our year. This year got to make the video and it turned out great. I used movie maker to put some pictures together and added some music, I will put the video below:

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Harvest Festival

At school we had a harvest festival. We sang:

  • Who put the colours in the rainbow
  • Conkers!
  • Five a day
  • Harvest Samba
  • Harvest song
  • Cauliflowers fluffy
  • Send your children hope


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The audition

Today I went to an audition for an orchestra. And guess what?!?! I got in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

Here is my tune I used:

First i was taken to a room to practice, then they would get someone to collect me, I would play my tune then they would give me a tune to sight read.