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The Statue of Perseus

Today I travelled to London to attend an art workshop at the National Gallery. After observing the painting “Perseus turning Phineas and his Followers to Stone”, we used wire and modroc to make a statue of Perseus – a Greek hero. This is my statue:

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Jazza Studios

Jazza is a great artist and animator who holds a competition each month known as the challenge of the month. This month, the challenge is to draw a picture which clearly shows an epic Santa:

the prizes are as below:

Open Category 1st PRIZE:
– A Wacom Cintiq 13 HD
– An item of your choice from the Shop
– A front page feature on

Open Category Runner-Up:
– A Medium Wacom Intuos Pro tablet
– An item of your choice from the Shop
– A front page feature on

All Open Category finalists will receive an item of their choosing from the Jazzastudios Shop

Beginner Category 1st PRIZE:
– A Wacom Intuos Draw tablet
– An item of your choice from the Shop

Beginner Category Runner-Up:
– A copy of the art book ’21 Draw’
– A Stillman & Birn Epsilon 9×12 Sketchbook
– Signed Sketch from Jazza in the Sketchbook
– An item of your choice from the Shop

All Beginner Category finalists will receive a copy of “Draw with Jazza: Fun with Faces” from the Jazza studios Shop

I’ve entered the challenge in the beginner category:

epic santa



I really want to come second! ( because of the sketchbook! )

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Big Painting Challenge

The BBC have a new series called the ‘Big Painting Challenge‘. Like the ‘Great British Sewing Bee‘, they invite 10 amateur artists to compete in a 6 week challenge with one person leaving each week. They also have a ‘little painting challenge‘ with the prize of £250 worth of art supplies! These are the pictures I have done so far:

The categories are:

  • Children Age 7 to 15
  • 16+ Beginner
  • 16+ Experienced

Below I will post the first episode from the ‘Big Painting Challenge’: