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This past week I have been at PGL at Marchants Hill. It was another amazing experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it. On our first day, we did raft building, team games and challenge course. My favourite activity was the Power Fan which I did on Thursday. During this activity, you had to climb to the top of a 13 metre pole and jump off of the top. You would free-fall and then slow down before you reach the ground. It is a truly thrilling experience and I recommend it to all people looking for scarily exciting activities. The scariest activity is definitely the Giant Swing. As you can guess from the name, you are attached to a giant swing and pulled up by your group. Then you pull the thin cord next to you and you plummet down before swinging back up. For those of you who like motorsports, Quad biking is the activity for you. you take it in turns to race your friends around a track. The track is surrounded by tyres so you won’t hurt yourself if you crash.

I have had such an amazing time at PGL and I would like to thank the PGL staff for my amazing holiday. I would recommend this centre for anyone looking for an exciting twist to their holidays.

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PGL Day Two

Letters on PGL Day Two.

Dear Mum,
Today we did air rifles. I got bulls-eye on one of them and almost hit all the targets. We also did Jacobs Ladders and I reached the top! I came first and am very proud. For the zip wire, I almost won £20 but missed. I miss you a lot and hope you miss me as well. Is Lisa behaving? I am ok and having fun. Our dorm got 5 1/2 for inspection. I am happy and hope you are as well.
From Maria

Dear Dad,
Please read mum’s letter before. Today I was stung by a wasp and it still hurts. At quad biking, it rained like crazy. We went to the shop and I bought some sweets. Miss you.
From Maria.

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PGL Day One

We year 6 have a school trip to PGL in Wales this week. I wrote a letter to Daddy, Mummy and Lisa on the first day.

Dear Mother,
Today we found out that I was in Emily and Jo’s dorm and activity groups. Our room is really messy but it is fun and we’ve already had a pillow fight. The sausages are nice and we won our first activity! I already miss you. Is Lisa behaving?

Love  Maria

Letter from PGL Day One