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La Bayadere


I do ballet classes every week and this year we did a show. I was a Magpie and a soloist in La Bayadere. Since there were enough people for 3 pairs, we each did 2 (or 1) of the 5 shows for the solo. I performed on Thursday evening and Saturday afternoon. The part we did was the jug dance and I’ll post the dance we did and the whole show of La Bayadere (not the one we performed in, but the one the professionals did). This point (1:24:12 – 1:27) is my bit of the dance (as one of the two little girls).


Christmas Play


At school, we do a Christmas play each year. This year’s theme was pantomimes so my class did “Peter Pan”. I was the Director in the play and the shows went wonderfully well. This year was the first time I ever got to say some lines because last year I was a tree, the year before I was a dancer, before that I was a lost boy but all I got to do was scream. I had a lot of fun in the show so I hope you will agree if you have to ever do a Christmas show!



At school, each year group had to make some poppies to go on display. As you know, I’m in the play”Archie Dobson’s War“. Our year group did wire poppies, here is the poppy I made:

We made these poppies for “Remembrance Day” to remember the soldiers who died in any war.