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PGL Day Two

Letters on PGL Day Two.

Dear Mum,
Today we did air rifles. I got bulls-eye on one of them and almost hit all the targets. We also did Jacobs Ladders and I reached the top! I came first and am very proud. For the zip wire, I almost won £20 but missed. I miss you a lot and hope you miss me as well. Is Lisa behaving? I am ok and having fun. Our dorm got 5 1/2 for inspection. I am happy and hope you are as well.
From Maria

Dear Dad,
Please read mum’s letter before. Today I was stung by a wasp and it still hurts. At quad biking, it rained like crazy. We went to the shop and I bought some sweets. Miss you.
From Maria.

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PGL Day One

We year 6 have a school trip to PGL in Wales this week. I wrote a letter to Daddy, Mummy and Lisa on the first day.

Dear Mother,
Today we found out that I was in Emily and Jo’s dorm and activity groups. Our room is really messy but it is fun and we’ve already had a pillow fight. The sausages are nice and we won our first activity! I already miss you. Is Lisa behaving?

Love  Maria

Letter from PGL Day One