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At school, in textiles I made a bird plushie. I called it birdie and it took me 2 lessons to make it. I think it turned out really good and I enjoyed making it.



Second Orchestra


At school, I attend second orchestra (after school on Wednesdays) and today I had a concert. I played in the 2nd violin section. We played ‘the magnificent seven’, ‘carol of the bells’, ‘the longest day’ and ,how to train a dragon’.

Year 5 Mathematics Challenge


The mathematics challenge for year 5 is when the best school in each town competes against the rest of the county. The first place in each of the heats and the highest scoring second place go through. This year, me and 3 other classmates were selected to represent my school and we tied being the highest scoring second place. We came 6th out of the 20 schools that participated this year in the final. Read the rest of this entry

Sutton Mock Test


Sutton mock test is a test they do so you can have a feel of the actual exam pressure. They give you papers to do and then a couple of weeks later they give you the results. Last year I came 63 (not counting the absent people) out of 1500 candidates. This year, how likely do you think it will be for me to come in the top 20?

St Paul’s Girls’ paper


At the moment I am preparing for the entrance examinations for secondary school and today I did a sample paper from St Paul’s Girls’ School that I really enjoyed doing. My favourite questions were questions 9&10. The paper is in three sections: A, B and C. A has 20 questions, B has 10 and C has 5. It was a little hard but I got around 89%. I hope you’ll have a go!