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Camping In Wales 3

While we were camping in Wales, we visited a nature reserve and climbed the mountain Cadair Idris. It took us around 4 hours to climb up and down it.

We saw many waterfalls and I was able to touch two of them! After the exhausting climb, me and my sister each had a bacon sandwich. I thoroughly enjoyed my day. I hope you will try to climb this mountain sometime too!

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Camping In Wales 2

Another part of Wales I visited was Snowdonia, the area of land where Mount Snowdon lies. On the way to the mountain, we stopped at a little carpark where we saw some really cute birds.

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I spent almost an hour admiring these feathered friends before we set off for Mount Snowdon again. I’ve really enjoyed camping in Wales and so if you ever go, I hope you have fun!

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Camping in Wales 1

This week I have been camping in Barmouth, Wales which is near the sea. I’ve climbed a mountain and explored lots of north Wales. I’ve had an amazing time. My campsite was only a few minutes walk from the beach and so I spent a lot of time playing there.Me and my sister built many sandcastles and once we found a small crab in one of them!

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