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Bullet Journaling

I have just discovered the wonders of bullet journaling but have not yet tried this. I was introduced to this by a video on youtube by SeaLemon and have watched many of AmandaRachLee‘s PLAN WITH ME videos. Bullet journaling is an effective, fun and beautiful way of planning and tracking your life as both a calendar and diary. I am looking forward to starting this hopefully in the next month.

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At school, in textiles I made a bird plushie. I called it birdie and it took me 2 lessons to make it. I think it turned out really good and I enjoyed making it.


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Tonal shoe

For my art homework, I had to draw a tonal shoe. My art teacher thought this was GCSE standard (I am in year 7 now) and gave me “Art Achievement Reward”.

Wow! Such an excellent standard of work! Excellent tones and very accurate! Continue to develop by adding more detail.


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1/2 and 1/2

At school, we had to do a half and half picture (half drawing, half photo) and so for home learning, I did a half and half picture of Steve Backshall – the presenter of ‘Deadly 60’ – in black and white¬†(my drawing is the top one and the bottom one is the picture).

Steve Backshall_drawing Steve Backshall_photo

(12th March 2016): I drew another 1/2 and 1/2 picture recently.

Drawing Skater