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Writing competition

Explore learning-a tutoring center-is having a young writers competition for children aged 5 – 14. The theme was strange events & peculiar happenings. The story had to be 500 words or less. My story is based on a time-telling dog from ‘blow you mind’. I hope you enjoy it!

My Very Own Dog

I’ve always wanted my own dog. My own loyal greyhound or a sun-gold labrador. I was watching another episode of ‘Blow your mind’. There was a magnificent Scottish terrier that could read the time. How I wish I could’ve had him. Then he leaped out of the TV screen and barked:
‘Hello! I’m Timmy.’
I was bewildered. A talking, time-telling dog of my own.  A wonderful gift from heaven, Timmy was. My very own dog…

I dumped my tattered school bag on my azure, soft, star-sprinkled bed.
‘Bad day?’
Timmy woofed. I nodded. His paw touched my hand and my stomach lurched. We fell. Fear was a shadow looming over me. Panic washed over me. I felt that we would never land. Thud! Sand billowed up around us while the sun’s heat beat down. No footsteps, no tracks. Where could we be? The puppy clasped my hand. Bravely, we journeyed until we reached a walled-up city. The guards suspiciously let us pass and as we moved deeper in, Timmy realised:
‘This is ancient Troy!’

The tough soldiers were menacingly sharpening dangerously pointed daggers while we nervously scurried around. Everyone seemed starved, then, they brought a huge wooden structure in. It was a horse. I didn’t manage to get many good looks at the magnificent stallion sculpture before I began to fly upwards. We fell back on my bed curious to know what that was about.
‘We time-travelled I tell you!’
Timmy agreed with me. Timmy and Me. What a team of adventurers like Huckleberry Fin and Tom Sawyer. The elated team-mates high fived and once again, fell back in time to an unknown experience and adventure.

‘Timmy, where are we?’
‘Ancient Greece I think. No Tudor time. No. All the different epochs are mixed up!’
Nude Olympians were jogging down the street with phones; there were horse-drawn cars and even stone agers on the toilet! Time had gone haywire! Timmy simply opened a door in mid-air, twiddled with some invisible switches, then BAM! Flickering flames danced around us. When the flaming dancers finally distinguished, my small team discovered that we were back at home. Wearily, we nodded off to sleep or did we journey into the dream era?